Tournament Rules

All players must be in lobby before
the tourney start time.

You may play 2 tourneys
at the same time as long
as you can maintain a steady pace.
If you play consistantly slow then
that privilege may be taken away.

First name listed
in pairing makes table
(either player) and it will flip after 2
minutes if neither makes table.

The TD will announce rules
for each game at table,
If they ask you to reset table
for any reason you must reset table.

All Tables in The Spade Asylum
are available for use in Games.

If your partner is missing,
you may wait for them or get a Sub
if you wait and your partner
times out (5 minutes)you LOSE.

All Subs will be credited
with Rating points and if you win
and played the entirety of the
game, you will be credited with a Win!
Get out there and Sub
if you are available.

First name called in 1v1 games
will be asked if they want
Seat or Sub pick.

Please play at a steady
pace and be respectful
to your teammates and opponents

Discussing your cards or strategy
(Table Talk) is NOT ALLOWED

You will be warned and possibly DQed.

In the event of a tie score
you will play 1 extra hand as tiebreaker.

No player is allowed to boot
anyone from the table.
That is for the TD to do only.

Any person found to be cheating
will be kicked and banned
We do not Tolerate Cheating!
Do Not accuse people of Cheating
at table or in the chat lobby.
If you have some evidence
or suspect someone cheating
then go straight to the TD in charge.

League ID
Must match your cases ID
No limit on Name changes
as long as you dont abuse it.

You renege the hand
and move on to the next hand.

Lobby Rules
Have respect for everyone
in lobby and have fun
If you have any issues with someone,
discuss it with them individually
in Private and NOT in lobby
or at table.

Thanks and let's all have fun
and make this the best league possible.